Saturday, February 19, 2011


What does it mean when you "delete" someone's contacts: email, mobile number, home address, private phone, birthday, etc from your records- yet they are still "saved" in a secured area of your heart & mind.

How could someone, who disappeared countless seconds ago, still keep their tender gestures engraved in your heart?

What does it mean?


  1. it means love and care.

    I always tell myself "Hold on to the good memories, but let go of everything else. because deleting everything means there is no turning back point, you already started letting go."

  2. Nouna:
    yes. a very special one.
    one that doesn't end.
    and one that isn't over
    and one that is not "alive"

  3. wallahi mana 3arfa ya zou.
    i am not letting go
    and i am not holidng it either.
    it is the kind of something that simply holds you. you dont hold it. and it never let go of you.
    there were only good memories. i dont know how to explain or what to say.
    but thank you for sharing :)