Saturday, April 10, 2010

A story of happiness

This story was published in Al-Ahram newspaper- friday's edition on 12th of March 2010.
it is the story of a woman, who had married the wrong person and suffered for a while from this marraige. after her divorce she kept away from any relationship and focused on raising her lonely child and her work.
as her child grew up and got independandt, she found herslef feeling lonely- despite her work, big family and friends. she couldnt explain this increasing lonlinessinside her, but was patient in dealing with it.

one day, she read at this same section of the newspaper the story of a man, who was seeking the advice of the section's editor.
he approached him before telling him how lonely he feels, also because he married what seemed like the wrong partner.
back then the editor advised him to look after his kids, as they need him and he shouldn't give up his responsibilities.
this time he wrote to the editor once more telling him how lonely he feels, after the kids have grown up, left home and his wife got ill.

she felt attracted to this lonely man, remembering her own lonliness and empty life. she contacted the editor, asking him to connect her with this gentleman.
confused about her own action and feeling, she blamed herself for this foolish step she took. how could she possibly think and act this way!!!
until one day a gentle voice reached out to her over the phone. it was that man telling her he got her contact from the editor, who saw in them potential couple, and hoped they would match.:)
after meeting and talking they felt equal attraction and agreed to marry.
she found in him a tender, supportive shoulder on which she could lane and relax. he found in her the lost warmth, companionship and love.
they complete eachother, fulfil eachother's needs and are happy in those moments they spend together.

The lady was writing to tell her sotry and thank the editor. although she knows he died couple of years ago, she felt she owed him a "thank you" for encouraging her to look for her happiness and for his understanding support for hers and her husband's needs- at such "age".

i kept this story since it was published,because it touched my heart so deep. I found myself reacting with the lady's words, feel sorry for her misery, tracing her fear upon knocking the new door of happiness, and feeling anxious about what would happen to her.
i could understand her fear or starting allover again at such an age, for trusting her feelings and approaching a stranger, and trying a new life's path.
i could feel all her "what if"s questions, her fear of a new story, her fear of another failure.
And deep down i felt happy for her and her husband, when they found their happiness together.

since i read the story, they are in my prayers.
I am asking whoever reads this post to pray for them to remain healthy and happy forever.

May Allah bless their lives and keep their happiness.
May Allah grant us all a healthy and happy life.
Amen :)


  1. I love this story Hebba. I think these people were meant to find each other and be together.

    Thank you for writing such an uplifting story, may Allah/God bless them.

  2. wow!!!

    i am trying to find something cynical to say, but i am left speechless!! i guess there is hope!!!

  3. It's just beautiful :) May Allah bless them, and bless you all inshalah :)

  4. Barry, yes they were meant to find eachother after suffering for a certain time- for a certain reason.
    be it to have a special taste of happiness after long suffering, or for them to cherish the gift they got in finding eathother- i dont know. this is God's hand organizing people's lives, even better than they would have done so :)

    and the reason i published it, i saw in it a kind reminder of hope, believe in happiness no matters at what age, and above all believe in true love.
    glad you liked it :)

  5. insomniac
    there is hope.
    that'w why i published it.
    i read it at a time where i was questioning if those who live arround me are people or monsters.
    this story was the answer coming from above: there is still hope, there is still love, we are still human beings- no matter at what age.
    belive in hope, love, yourself and in Allah, dear.
    smile to yourself and enjoy your life :)

  6. deppy
    amen to your prayers for them :)
    that is very kind of you.
    u know, i am happy that all of you are praying for their happiness and are happy for them.
    tracng people's feelings and feeling happy for them, makes me feel "human"

  7. Hebba!


    Very touching begad and how beautiful it is! I am happy for them and surely we should pray for them - May Allah bless them. They are very pure and kind persons just like you are !

    She was tired of hoping that every day would hurry so she could get on to the next. Hoping that it would be a better day, an easier day. But it never was ...

    and ...


    The hero. The kind stranger.

    She wanted to hear him say it would be OK. That she wasn't alone. That they would live happily ever after ...


    That was all she needed.

    Thank you Hebba for sharing us this happy story


  8. ah ya rawani.
    i dont know what to say. as much as it touched me, and gave me hope - i still wonder: hasen't she reached her expiry date?
    is is a dream walla hope walla coincidence walla just 1/1000000000 case?

  9. ... Mesh 3arfah :(

    Well, I think it's maktoub 3algebin O lazem teshoufou el3in!

    Fresh Fresh habibti fresh :) xx

  10. This was really niceeeeee and a happy story.

    hope is still out there after all.

  11. yes. it is, dear.
    only be patient.
    this is what i was telling u about today. u never know who is the right one, so dont shut anyone out.
    forget about age and money and mesh 3aref eih.
    look for your happiness and hope for the best