Monday, April 26, 2010

Some happy moments...

One of my lady-relatives was getting married on Friday. she is divorced since 2 years now.
we-her female relatives- wanted to held a 7ennah party for her, when we told her about the idea, she was very excited as she didnt have one at her "first marriage".

We faced only one problem: what will the bride's mother tell her neighbours about that party? how come her daughter is having this party, while this is her second marraige?

3eib ya welad, maysa7esh keda wallahi.
we were surprised that we don't have the right to celebrate in our own home.
Me personally, refused to acknowledge such an argument, and insisted on going there and keeping all arrangements as they are.
to hell with everyone arround, we are not doing anything worng!!!!

Anyway, we girls agreed on everything, planed catering, the 7ennah lady, gathered some cheerul songs on my laptop, some dancing music, and decided to held that party on Thursday night.
There were about 15 ladies at the bride's home, we got everything ready as planed and we were all so happy about it.
She had such a bright smile, and was practically shining from happiness. It is a new expereince for her afterall.

Why has everyone became so cruel and boring?
Why would neighbours, friends, or even family members has anything against a small celebration, when we are not causing any problems?
Why shouldn't a divorced lady "feel" happy if she is getting married again?
who said a divorced lady is not entitled to celebrate?
Why has everyone arround a word to say in something as private and personal as this?
Why has our world turned to be so cruel?
Why aren't we entitled to enjoy our lives, even very few and rare moments of this dry and cruel life we have now?
Why do we give others the right to kill any happiness in our lives? even if it is small ones?
are we really THAT stupid, or have we turned to be copies of those living arround us, or have we given up on our right to live and be happy - for few moments?

what is wrong with spending some happy moments?


  1. loool even though I disagree with you .. I liked that post :)

  2. Happiness is just a state of mind always remember that dear Hebba....Take 5 mins and smile everyday,It will become a Habit of yours :*

  3. @ neisy
    i know that its up to us to be happy, but dont deny that ppl often impose stupid tradition and often we can not escape

  4. @ prince:great that you liked the post. i am happy about it.

    now tell me which part exactely u disagree on?

  5. Hi Hebba:) Your blog is amazing. I'm so happy you found me so I can get to you. I'm currently amidst a tremendously Catholic society in Chile... in fact, I had forgotten how powerful the church is here. I live in the US, where it's still okay to be Buddhist burning sage at home to shoo the bad spirits! Grandma here just reminded me that I had to do my "confirmation" and "first communion" before getting married. She seemed quite surprised when I reminded her (in front of all her friends!) that I would never put one of the most important days in my life in the hands of a Catholic priest. She smacked me over the head LOL... which I deserved I guess. But I changed my words a bit and told me more respectfully that I wasn't part of the faith and my wedding would be under my terms not my family's. She liked that answer better. Now if I could only find a boyfriend... hhhmmmm :)

    I truly like your writing and thank you for sharing. You're definitely fulfilling your promise with this blog. I'm trying to do the same. You never know who's reading, who's learning and who's appreciating your words.

    Tradition is just that... a myth. We should be able to choose what traditions we follow based on what makes us happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. I know it's easier said than done for you, but questioning is certainly a step in the right direction.

    I applaud your bravery and your wisdom!

  6. @ cindy
    i am happy to see you here, and happy you liked what i write.and yes, you are right- we never know who is reading. that is why i write what i think is correct, and hope anyone, anywhere just benefits of it. this blog is not about a certain people, place, group, religion, tradition. but what i wanted is to spread kindness, to whoever needs it.
    you made me laugh with your words. soemtimes dear, we need to be careful with what to tell others. not becasue we are afraid of standing up for what we belive, but simply for not to hurt them. this is a kind action too. be kind when telling someone ur own rules. your grandma is only concerned about u, bc she loves u. i admire the way u handeled the situation.
    welcome here and terribly sorry for my late reply. was stuck in my exams.