Thursday, April 15, 2010

cure is possible

few months ago i read a comment over a post, which was published over Dr. Mohamed Aly's blog, where one of his readers commented that he is gay, but never wanted to be.
the reader has wrote that he was pushed to go into this "direction", but never really wanted to be one, and that he was feeling bad and guilty about what he is doing and suffering from others' perception of his "doing"

this article was published in Al-Ahram newspaper on friday 30th October 2009- barid al ahram. a reply from Dr. Heba Kotb, sexual treatment specialist- replying to a man, who is suffering from "sick sexual orientation" - as he called it in his correspondence to the page's editor.

first paragraph of Dr. Heba's reply states clearly that 80% such "illness" is a direct result of child abuse: rape and/or father's aggressiveness, which makes this person hate being a male, feeling deep down that he belongs to the opposite sex, which then results to switching his interest to a male.
Dr. heba further explains that she has treated many cases, where the patients lost hope in being "normal" again, and never knew this was a kind of ill behaviour due to outside reasons, not his own choice.

The article was interesting for me, as i still remember the reader's comment at dr. Mohamed's blog- and back then i really wished i could help.

I am not judging any personal behviour or habit of anyone who chooses any certain path in his/her life. No, this is personal freedom, which i fully respect and never thought of judging or long as anyone is convinced with what s/he does, is perfectly fine with me. i respect long as it is a personal CHOICE, i have nothing against it, not even consciously discussing it.

actually my words only adress those who have been victims of child abuse or have had a hard life as they were young. those who want to change where they are now, and wish to be back to "themselves".
curing from such illness is possible and success percentage - as per dr. Heba's statement in an offiicial newspaper is up to 99%.

the curing road is long- as she stated- hard, but not impossible. and this is the important part.
as long as one hopes to cure, as long as one believes in his right to have an acceptable, normal life- everything will go according to your will.

I am sharing the info and hope that one day someone would benefit of it, and be back to him/herself.
wish i could do more to help out, but this is all i can do for the time being.
please whoever reads this post, spread the news, you never know, you could be saving someone from suffering for the rest of his/her life.
may god bless us all with health and happiness.

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