Sunday, April 10, 2011

a change in me

since quiet some time i have been experiencing a change that was surprising, even to me.
it is a change in my perception of "words", or let me say love words in specific. be it in a poem or a song, article, book or whatever.
words expressing love or loving feelings have turned to be a sequence of letters forming a word, that has a specific meaning- aiming to touch one's soul/feelings/heart.
they DO have a meaning known to me.
but they don't touch me as before.
very strange feeling.
i still of course love Nizar's poems.
still love Halim's songs
still "sing" to myself often like i used to.
the change i feel is like these words have a meaning that is soooo far away from me.from my soul, heart and even ears.
I love these words because Halim sang them
because Nizar wrote them
I can trace the feeling behind these words and identify what they describe.
but i don't feel them.
as if i have never felt any of these feelings.
as if i am far away from being touched by any of them.
as if i am surrounded with a protecting shell - wathcing "these words" from behind it.

A very strange change, that i am so much welcoming.
The new me is different, yet the same.
I am not making any sense. or maybe I am?


  1. Nooo da change mayetseketsh 3alih khales.. but don't worry, aktar min keda o beyzi7 Rabena :)
    do not limit your challenges Bossboss, but challenge your limits ;) ... 3ishi 7ayatek. love and enjoy your life with maximum fun and pleasure, it is time to love and sing beautiful love songs full of touching words; eldonia Rabi3 ;)

    have a happy Rabi3!

  2. its ... i am not miserable about it. looks that my stormy nature has finally settled a little. love wont be the same again. maybe more "logical".dont know.but this is what i feel.
    and i am happy about it. :)
    akhiran 3e2elt. :)))))
    eldonia rabi3 and weather is lovely dear.